Rivers are biology, chemistry, and physics moving through geology, topography, and climate. Many watershed groups recognize that a good watershed plan considers not only the chemistry, biology, and physics of a watershed but also addresses the variety of problems seen in a river system.

C-SAW as a Partner and Resource

A small number of watershed organizations in each river basin will be provided with a unique experience: intensive individual watershed mentoring.

  • Mentoring assistance is designed for groups who need intensive, long-term assistance rather than targeted short-term help, and will focus on helping groups interested in starting or improving volunteer monitoring programs for watershed assessments, designing restoration projects, or developing protection plans.
  • Mentoring is meant to develop a relationship between a watershed group and a small group within the C-SAW team to meet intensive and continuing needs.  Watershed groups selected for mentoring will receive assistance for up to two years.
  • Groups should view the C-SAW representative as a long-term partner and technical resource dedicated to guiding the group to achieve its watershed protection goals.  Mentoring will be specific to the needs of the individual group.  

How C-SAW Mentoring Works

After a C-SAW specialist is assigned to a specific group, he or she will serve as the conduit between the group and the rest of the C-SAW team.

The C-SAW specialist will regularly meet with the group to discuss needs and projects and help guide members through the necessary steps to achieve their goals.

If specialized expertise is needed from another member of the C-SAW team, the C-SAW specialist will coordinate this assistance.

Who’s Eligible

Groups interested in mentoring assistance need to meet the basic C-SAW eligibility requirements.

In addition, applicants for mentoring assistance should demonstrate:

  • A strong commitment to watershed protection.
  • A strong base of volunteers available and interested in assisting with project implementation — or the ability to acquire a volunteer base from the local community.
  • An organizational group structure to ensure the success and sustainability of the group.
  • A commitment to developing a watershed plan to protect and/or restore the local waterway and to follow through to achieve successful project completion.
  • The ability and interest to apply for grants and obtain funding for monitoring equipment.
  • A definite need for long-term scientific technical support from C-SAW.
  • A long-term commitment to meeting/corresponding with the C-SAW representative on a regular basis.

How to Apply

To apply for assistance, please complete the C-SAW application form.

A C-SAW team member will contact you to determine whether your group is a good candidate for intensive, long-term mentoring. Requests will be processed upon receipt and groups will learn of their status within a month of submission.

If your watershed group does not qualify for mentoring, it may be eligible to receive assistance on a more limited basis through Watershed Specific Technical Assistance.